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  • In-the-Field, on the R.O.W.

  • Education Programs
    – How-to briefings
    – Pre-construction meetings
    – Presentations upon request

  • Technical Advisory Services
    – Advisor to IEEE standards
    – Technical assistance with vendors

Learn what you don't know about fiber and your project.


We can teach installation practices to your crew, basic fiber knowledge to your engineers, and general knowledge for your Power Board. We'll hold your hand through the process and explain the technology in terms you will be comfortable with and understand. We are the industry experts who can explain the most technical topics and also teach a grade school class about fiber optics. Fiber is our passion and we love to share our knowledge.


In-the-Field Installation Training

Hands-on field training for construction crews is an important part of the services we provide. It's critical the crews know the proper stringing methods and hardware installation techniques. The installation cost is the largest portion of the fiber project budget and it needs to start on the right foot. On-the-job training while the crew pulls the first reel of ADSS cable will insure a positive start to the installation.


Education Programs

Training is available for every fiber project we take on – from how-to briefings on dark fiber marketing to pre-construction meetings for line crews or installation contractors. We customize presentations to meet client needs as well as stand-alone educational programs:

  • Introduction to Basic Fiber Optic Principles

  • Design and Installation of Utility Fiber Optic Cable Systems

  • Basic Fiber Cable Designs and What's Available in the Market

  • Designing Fiber Cable Installations on High Voltage Lines

  • Dark Fiber Marketing


Technical Advisory Services

Fiber Planners is your fiber expert whether you utilize our free help line or require priority services by retainer fee. You don't need to add to your staff because Fiber Planners can fill in the knowledge gaps on your team.

  • Industry Standards Development

  • Technical Assistance with Vendors

Contact us to ask about our FREE Round-the-Clock HELP LINE for ADSS support.

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