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  • Pole by Pole Design
    – NESC standards
    – Solutions for messy poles
    – Fixed bottom line price

  • PLS-CADD Modeling
    – Transmission line modeling for ADSS
    – USGS / FLI-MAP

  • 3-Phase Project Management
    – Pole by Pole Design

       – Construction

       – Splicing and Testing

Don't ask the construction crew to make design decisions. Let our experience work for you.


Pole by Pole Design

There are NESC (National Electric Safety Code) violations, inappropriate loading conditions of existing cables and a squeezed safety zone on the pole. If you think replacing the pole with a taller one is your only option, Fiber Planners can offer alternatives. Replacing just one messy pole and moving services, streetlights and transformers can easily run several thousand dollars. We specialize in adding your fiber optic requirements to the pole without costly pole replacements.

All of our design services are provided at a fixed bottom line price. Just pick up the phone and call for help, advice, recommendations and suggestions to solve your fiber optic needs.


PLS-CADD Modeling

Fiber Planners uses PLS-CADD in designing fiber cable installations on high-voltage transmission lines. When there is no existing PLS-CADD data, we can build a model by scanning and digitizing old plan and profile sheets, working from staking sheets and USGS topographic data and/or using FLI-MAP data.


Where structural engineering analyses is required, Fiber Planners can retain licensed structural engineers for the project.


3-Phase Project Management

At Fiber Planners, we manage the project as three separate phases; the design phase, the construction phase and the splicing and testing phase. Fiber Planners can design the system and then manage the contractors without a conflict of interest.



Contact us to ask about our FREE Round-the-Clock HELP LINE for ADSS support.

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