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  • Materials Specs
    – Cable Specs
    – Construction Specs
    – Reel Acceptance Testing Spec
    – Splicing and Final Testing Spec

  • Restoration Procedures

    – Emergencies happen

    – Restoration Kits

Spare cable
Spare hardware
Bundled with instructions

  • Data Reviews
    – OTDR traces
    – Splice attenuations
    – Compiled to assist in future evaluations future generations will know what you have.


All fiber projects need clean documentation to keep the project on track, from material specifications to restoration procedures. Review of final system test data will insure you get what you paid for. Fiber Planners works hard to keep your project well documented for your future.


Materials Specification

Once the project is designed pole by pole, a materials list and specifications are needed. We can write them for you with no preference to a particular vendor. Our specifications guarantee a level playing field so the power utility gets the required material for the best price. Fiber Planners’ material specifications may even surprise you with bid prices lower than what you budgeted, giving you more funds to expand your system.


Restoration Procedures

Once it's built, you need to get a plan in place to deal with the emergency in the future; a train derailment, a cracked pole from a car, the road widening the State forgot to tell you about. All these issues can be dealt with in a Fiber Planners restoration procedures document. We'll help determine the spare parts and length of cable needed on hand to address whatever adversity may come your way.


Data Reviews

Projects come with lots of test data to review once the installation is finished. Someone with a keen eye for testing issues is necessary to catch flaws in the collection. The initial data is the base line for the rest of the installation's future. If the OTDR is set on the wrong range or the scale is not large enough to see a feature, the data could be useless. We have the technicians to review your data.

Contact us to ask about our FREE Round-the-Clock HELP LINE for ADSS support.

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