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  • Feasibility Studies

  • Route Selection Studies

– Connect important buildings

– Communication needs

– Report for the Board

– Budgetary OSP costs

Contemplating a project? You'll want to call Fiber Planners first.


Feasibility Studies

Fiber Planners routinely helps clients determine the feasibility of fiber projects involving internal municipal networks, fiber to the home, and dark fiber leasing.


Route Selection Studies

Power utilities, municipalities and electric cooperatives don't always need a full-blown feasibility study to determine whether a project makes sense. They may only need help deciding where the fiber route should be in order to maximize the most facility connections. That's where the Fiber Planners' Route Selection Study can help. We spend 3 to 5 days driving potential routes and surveying the communication needs of the client. We provide easy-read documentation suitable for Board members and city officials, project budgets, proposed route maps, and assistance with the project approval process – all at a fraction of the cost of a feasibility study.

Contact us to ask about our FREE Round-the-Clock HELP LINE for ADSS support.

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