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Pole Inventory

We can suggest changes to the pole that will bring the violation back to NESC standards without a pole replacement. Our service can save on make-ready costs and justify the pole inventory expense.

Safeguard your utilities by making a pole inventory a maintenance priority.


It is important to perform a pole inventory every 5 to 8 years for the following reasons.


  • Avoid disputes and liabilities concerning public safety.

  • Enforce the National Electrical Safety Code (NESC) and Joint-Use agreements.

  • Establish separation of supply and communication pole space.

  • Find broken grounding, damaged poles and guying issues.


We inspect each pole and document the following data points:


  • Pole birthmark data

  • Install pole number tag or record existing tag #

  • Distance from previous pole

  • Document ground conditions, i.e. wash out or broken grounding

  • Pole damage, i.e. woodpecker, car accidents, or lightning

  • Heights and # of cables on each communication bolt

  • Height and condition of streetlight and leads

  • Height to base of transformers and to leads

  • Height of neutral and fiber supply cables

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