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Route Management

  • Fiber route mapping

  • Easier changes to fiber designations

  • More user-friendly drawings than produced by CADD systems

  • Accessible for team members, not just technicians

  • Data can be housed on your server

Yes, fiber cables are installed. But do you know who's using the fibers and which ones are still available?


If you're documenting your system through Excel spreadsheets or CADD drawings, locating a fiber problem in the future may present challenges. As your system grows, these documentation methods can become cumbersome. We can assist with the selection of Fiber Management software and populate the database with your existing system. Fiber Planners knows and understands fiber networks and will input the data from the design and as-builts. We can also manage your database as an outsourced contractor.

Contact us to ask about our FREE Round-the-Clock HELP LINE for ADSS support.

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